We started as a fruit & vegetable stand last December 2019, the first wave of the pandemic, the company started to adopt to the situation of delivering online produce and small bakery offering artisan breads. Due to the difficulties of the pandemic, the company closed down the bakery following the closure of the fruit & vegetable stand. 


Challenges went on since the brand couldn't exit the property due to a newly renewed contract - the owners decided to consolidate all remaining assets of the fruit & vegetable stand with a new dream of starting a chain of specialty coffee primarily focusing on Philippine Coffee. The bakery & vegetable stand closed down last 10th of January 2021.



With good character and credit in the industry, the owners was able to acquire coffee equipments on credit to start a small cafe in the same vegetable stand in Paranaque City. 

With the founding owners being passionate with signature coffee & the heart to support local, the brand Presko Coffee Philippines was born. From sourcing directly from provincial farms and roasting the beans inhouse - it has been a brand that was mentioned to have a huge potential in the food & beverage industry.


The cafe opened January 22 and the rest is history! As of June 9th, the current writing of this blog - Presko Coffee has been the go to place in Paranaque City to taste the best Philippine coffee available. Presko offers a wide menu of signature beverages and artisan comfort food. It has captured the hearts of every "Juan" from all aspects of life. 

People from all over Metro Manila visit the cafe everyday to taste the signature beverages made from the best available Single Origin Coffee beans across the Philippines.

Barista's from Presko even give free treats for pups!

Capturing the vision and mission of Presko, Together. Let's Uplift. Philippine Coffee; the brand aims to grow 16 branches in Metro Manila by 2023.


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7AM to 11 PM
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